Intel Creates SSD To Boost Windows 8 Performance

Intel continues its quest to make Windows 8 run even faster on its Ultrabooks and in that effort it has come up with a special SSD that will boost Windows 8 performance.

Windows 8 To Boot Much Faster Thanks To Intel’s New SSD

Intel has developed new SSD’s that are aimed at boosting start up and wake up times for Windows 8. These are small capacity SSDs that come in 20GB and 24GB sizes and are meant to be used for running Windows 8 directly off them. This hardware feature should give ultrabooks and any other Windows 8 laptop for that matter, a large speed boost because the OS will be running off an SSD.

SSDs or Solid State Drives are in many ways like the RAM chips on your PC and are also used to make those thumb sized USB flash drives that everybody carries around. They are storage chips that have no moving parts like your hard drive and have data read and write speeds that are about 20-30 times faster than the fastest HDD. They are one of the main components of slim and fast devices like the MacBook Air and the iOS devices.

So even if you use a combination system where the OS is running off an SSD but the rest of your data is running off an HDD, your system will be considerably faster, especially during boot and wake up. And if you choose to run completely on SSD (which many upcoming notebooks will), your system will be extremely responsive.

The technology that Intel is using to manufacturer these SSDs are the absolutely cutting edge in flash memory. They call it the SSD 313 series and it comes for $138 on Amazon for a 24GB unit in the mSATA format. However, if you are waiting for a Windows 8 laptop/Ultrabook, you will be able to get one that has this built in.

Published: Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 Last Modified: April 11, 2012

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