Intel Clover Trail Hybrid Devices Are Delayed, But Why?

Ll_intel Clover Trail Hybrid Devices Delay 150Pxp Intel is delaying its Clover Trail chips due to the lack of release of power management software.

Next-generation Intel chips may not be available for use in devices, for now

Intel’s Clover Trail tablets are not going to be available in the near future, it was revealed. Intel sent devices using the next-generation chip through certification, but hit problems due to the lack of power management firmware.

Ll_intel Clover Trail Hybrid Devices Delay

Intel can’t apply power management software, according to Bloomberg. An anonymous source spoke to Bloomberg, and said the delay could have significant consequences on Windows 8. While maybe sounding dramatic, sales could be affected from the October release. The report continued, suggesting developers will have less incentive to provide touch-friendly apps if strong hardware is not released.

Clover Trail Chip Devices Scheduled For 2013

Intel unveiled a host of Windows 8 devices using the Clover Trail chip, with manufacturers including HP and Dell. A feeling is Intel isn’t concerned with Clover Trail’s success because it knows the chip will be late. As Gizmodo reported, Surface from Microsoft doesn’t use Clover Trail despite the high-end Surface for Windows Pro device. Though it isn’t released until 2013.

Microsoft is also seeing under 3,000 apps for Windows 8, though the suggestion is the company is thinking in the long-term. Whether that policy proves true, and successful assuming so, will be proven in time.

Microsoft is going to see a blend of tablets, laptops, and hybrid devices running Windows 8. While tablets and laptops will probably appeal to Modern UI and the desktop environment respectively, hybrid devices can perform both functions. Though users switching between form factors to use different halves of Windows 8 probably isn’t the behaviour Microsoft designed for.

Windows 8 launches Oct. 26.

Published: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: October 3, 2012

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