Installing Windows 10 Onto Your Computer

Since Windows 10 was announced, lots of users want to download the bits and get going with installing it on their systems. But, since its a preview version of the software, installing it for amateurs might be tricky, and is meant for professionals. But, this doesn’t mean you can give it a shot.

Since the Windows 10 preview release isn’t a finalized retail product, some care and consideration must be taken to ensure it installs correctly. While its slightly techinical in the installation process, following the right steps will make sure Windows 10 gets installed right. But, be sure to install it on a machine that you don’t mind wiping clean if needed, and isn’t a production machine.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Install Is Much Like Other Windows Installations For Many

Join and Download

The first thing that Windows 10 explorers but do to download Windows 10, is to join the Windows Insider Program. This will allow users to join the Windows Insider Program, and download the Windows 10 ISO image. This ISO image is the full version of the software, and is constantly being updated from Microsoft in the program.

Users who download Windows 10 can install it via a number of methods. Users can burn it to an optical image, create a bootable USB flash drive, or attach the ISO image using any type of virtual machine software that they want to use. Once the ISO image is installed, the installation process of Windows 10 can begin by pressing Next.

Windows 10 Start Screen Shows Off Basics

Click, Setup and Install

The ensuing steps for installing Windows 10, are the usual process for anyone who has setup Windows before. Once the final process has been finished, the setup for Express Settings and OneDrive are presented. Since the Windows 10 is still in preview, setting up OneDrive for backup is highly recommended as any documents and pictures can be saved there automatically without any issues.

Once that is setup, users are migrated to the final steps of Windows 10, and they are given the start screen. The Windows 10 preview is the basics of Windows 10, and doesn’t contain a lot of bells and whistles. It’s clearly labelled as s technical preview, and doesn’t come with a lot of the usual Windows essentials. But, when explored, clearly presents users with a new and intersting Windows 10 world to explore.

If you are techincal, then install Windows 10. It’s worthy of trying out, and a vast upgrade over Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for many.

Published: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 Last Modified: November 12, 2014

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