Installing Eclipse on Windows 7 x64

Microsoft announced that they will cooperate with Tasktop Technologies (the developers of Eclipse) to update existing Eclipse desktop and interface projects. They are also working on Windows Azure tools for Eclipse.

Are you trying to run Eclipse on Windows 7 x64? By now, you probably noticed that it’s not working properly. Here are some instructions what you can do about it.

You can download the x64 edition of Java 1.6 from
As of right now, you can download only x32 editions from the Eclipse main website. Unfortunately, it’s not working properly on x64 systems, because the file SWT.DLL requires a x32 system. The site with the latest releases, including x64 systems, can be found here. The latest stable edition of Eclipse is 3.5.1.

Sidenote: Because the x64 edition of Eclipse is not bundled with EE, you’ll have to manually download everything you need for Web, XML and Java EE development from

Eclipse will support Windows 7 features

Microsoft promised to work on updates for the RCP and SWT of Eclipse to make it work with the awesome Windows 7 taskbar and jump list (a jump list will allow you to quickly jump to recent projects for example).

Microsoft goes open source

It looks like Microsoft is finally going open-source. Windows Azure, an open-source system optimnized for cloud computing will receive some cool tools for PHP and Java development.

Microsoft revealed Tools for Windows Azure for Eclipse (PHP), a Windows Azure SDK for Java and Eclipse4SL 1.0.

Eclipse4SL is the environment for developing new interfaces for Microsoft’s new Silverlight player in Eclipse.

Published: Friday, October 30th, 2009 Last Modified: October 30, 2009

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