Install Windows 8 on Mac OS X: Using Parallels’ Experimental Windows 8 Support

You own a Mac and want to install Windows 8 on Mac OS X without actually dual-booting OS X and Windows 8? No problem with Parallels.

Install Windows 8 on Mac OS X

Parallels is a virtualization software for Mac’s and PC’s that enables you to run multiple operating systems on your desktop without having tocreate separate partitions, bootloaders and other things. It allows this by making use of virtualization technology to create a virtual machine inside the host OS. The latest update for Parallels allow Mac users to run Windows 8 without any of the Boot camp hassles.

How To Install Windows 8 On Mac OS X Using Parallels

Run Windows on Your MAC

1. Step Head over to and download the trial or update your current copy to build 7.0.14924

2. Step Install and configure Parallels. You can find various tips how to configure it on the official Parallels forums

Parallels Desktop Pushes Upgrade For Experimental Windows 8 Support On OS X

For those Mac OS X users who want to try out Windows 8 and experience it for themselves, Parallels desktop makes it a lot easier to install than bootcamp. You can now update your copy of Parallels to build 7.0.14924 and install Windows 8 just like you’d install other supported OS’s. This update also offers added benefits such as better compatibility with Quicken 2011, improved support for AutoDesk 3DS Max 2012 and better CPU usage to run things more smoothly.

Parallels makes it much easier to run Windows 8 on your Mac because it allows you to work on both platforms simultaneously and does not force you to reboot your machine every time your want to use Windows.

For users who want to avoid having to install Windows 8 via bootcamp, virtualization software is a good option to try it hassle-free. Most of these apps have extended trial periods (Parallels has 14 days) and that is enough time for you to decide whether you want to continue using the twin-platform setup. Taking the constant reboot times away is definitely one of the best advantages of client-side, desktop-based virtualization.

Published: Monday, October 10th, 2011 Last Modified: October 12, 2011

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