Instagram Adds Live Video & Updates To Windows 10 App

Instagram easily is one of the biggest social apps on the planet, and their photo sharing app has a ton of interest with any update is released. It’s newest updates bring live video and Instragram Direct to the Windows 10 app.

The latest updates to the Windows 10 Instagram update highlight where the Instagram app is versus the mobile app. It’s newest updates bring the live video features rolling out on the mobile platform to desktop users.

Instagram Updates Windows 10 App WIth Video & Direct Features

Live Video Update

The addition of live video to the Instagram app is making live video come to Instagram, but in a different way. It lete users share live videos with their followers, and is similar to the Facebook Live features but different.

With their mobile app for Windows 10, users can send hearts, comment on live videos, and explore top live videos across Instagram. It’s still rolling out to users, but live video is moving to make Instagram more interactive.

Photos On Instagram Evolve To Live Videos With Instagram Updates On Windows 10

Instagram Direct Improves

Another major improvement of the Instagram app is in the Instagram Direct features. Users can swipe right to use the camera, take a picture or video, and then share it with their friends or groups.

Fun features like adding stickers, emokis, and other items to the photos and videos have been added as well. Users are also alerted when someone takes a screenshot of that Instagram Direct message, and that is similar to Snapchat.

Instagram Videos and Direct are evolving faster than ever. The newest updates are on the Windows Store, and available today.

Published: Friday, December 23rd, 2016 Last Modified: December 23, 2016

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