Infamous 2 – Exploring New Marais & Creating Own Missions

InFamous 2 will be all about exploring New Marais, but it’s also possible that we will see a lot of user-generated content in this PS3-exclusive title.

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Release Date: June 7th, 2011 – PS3

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Infamous 2 is obviously a sequel game to the first Infamous, which was released back in 2009, since then the game has been moving forward and has gathered it’s self a bit of the following, with rumours about it containing support for the playstation move controller, it’s no wonder gamers everywhere are looking for more information about Infamous 2.

Infamous 2 is based in a city called “New Marais”, what’s really interesting about Infamous 2 is how you’ll be playing it, now it’s quite a strange idea, but personally I think developers Sucker Punch Productions have come up with an idea which may change the way we all game.

Explore New Marais

Infamous 2 is a open world game, you can roam around the “New Marais” city as you please, obviously there is still a storyline, but it’s free roaming and you’ll need to complete missions, which is pretty common these days, for open roaming games to have a plot which is based on missions.

Mission Creator?

Somehow, obviously we’re not too sure how Sucker Punch Productions are going to pull this off, but they’re hoping that users will be able to generate their own content for the game, basically giving them the power to use any location within the game to create their own missions, I’m assuming that Infamous 2 will have some “Mission Creator” mode or something allowing you to do this.
The idea behind these little “Side Missions”, you can follow the storyline and enjoy user created missions at the same time, with a whole rating system, featured missions and so on, you’ll be able to create your own missions for you and your friends to enjoy, pretty cool right?

Sucker Punch Productions have really been working on keeping the game open world, which of course means they’ve had to expand the whole player control system, which allows you to use every aspect of the city to your advantage, allowing you to use your ‘powers’ on different objects, in different places.

That isn’t all that’ll be changed, as well the game play may be improved with tons of things you can do with your different powers all over the city, which can effect things like telephone poles and in some cases buildings. Sucker Punch Productions have also redesigned the whole combat system within Infamous, which should provide us all with more enjoyable fights within the game, it’s always nice to have a challenge.

Published: Thursday, March 31st, 2011 Last Modified: March 31, 2011

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