Indie Games Of The Week #4: Road Not Taken, The Forest, Eidelon

Here are our Indie games of the week: Road Not Taken, Eidelon and the Forest. Two exploration and a puzzle game.

Exploration Game: Eidelon

Eidelon is a survival and exploration game by Ice Water Games. The game takes you through a post-human Western Washington trekking through woods, rivers and mountains. If you like exploring virtual worlds with all sorts of secrets, this game is definitely for you.

The graphics are quite simple and you’d first have to get used to it, but if you have ever played Minecraft before this won’t be a problem.

The games interface is well done and encourages you to explore special points of interests throughout the world.

Here’s a Let’s Play by Mike Rose you might enjoy:

The Forest

The Forest is an early access game available on Steam right now. A team of just four indie devs created this masterpiece. The game is still in development, but is already more playable than some games that hit the market these days (Sacred 3 anyone?).

Chopping down trees, exploring underground caves and fighting surreal creatures sounds like a good time to you? Don’t miss this game. Don’t want to confront your enemies directly, use stealth to evade them for as long as possible. It’s not Minecraft in 3D; but its certainly as much fun to explore the virtual forest world:

Puzzle Game: Road Not Taken

If you’re into puzzle games, Road Not Taken should be on your watchlist:

Know of any other cool Indie games coming out this month? Let us know in the comment.

Published: Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 Last Modified: August 5, 2014

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