Increasing Windows 8’s Market Share via Music in Asia

Windows 8 Asian Campaign Jwt_thumb Microsoft is attempting to connect various Asian cultures through Windows 8 by portraying the new OS as a “tool of self-expression”.

Microsoft Takes the Musical Route To Connect Windows 8 With The Asian Market

Microsoft has just launched a brand new campaign (designed by the agency JWT Beijing) for Windows 8 that features various Asian musicians performing their local flavors. The music is very upbeat and positive and the company wants to interpret as being all about expression and experience. And this is then transferred on to Windows 8 as its brand identity. With lots of upcoming markets in Asia, Microsoft is clearly trying to capture the young hearts and steer them away from the other brands. Here’s what Alexandre Leite, global marketing director, Windows, had to say: –

“Windows is an open and inclusive brand – empowering people – and we wanted the music, language and cultural references to represent that spirit,”

JWT official Polly Chu echoed similar sentiments, talking about the growing economy in Asian regions and the high value that is placed on culture and personal life. So focusing on the balance between life and work is also very important. That is why the campaign focuses on showing the consumers that Windows 8 can help them balance their lives by keeping them productive and also allowing them to be expressive.

The campaign launched by the company covers print ads, viral videos, TV spots, online apps — the whole nine yards of contemporary full circle advertising.

It is clear from stories like this one that Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned and no path unexplored when it comes to pushing adoption of Windows 8 in the masses. This will see an all round up surge in the coming weeks because Microsoft and every other company will gear up for the holiday season and release new holiday campaigns.

Published: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 Last Modified: November 13, 2012

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