Impressive: Windows 8 Pre-Sales Up 40% Compared To Windows 7

Microsoft Stock Revenue Presales Thumb A lot of people are under the impression Windows 8 does not well. Apparently, this is not the case – Windows 8 is already outselling Windows 7

In a quarterly investor call, Microsoft reported earnings of $17.4 billion. $800 million of deferred revenue was from Windows 8 pre-sales.

  • According to Microsoft this means pre-sales are up 40% in comparison to Windows 7


Despite the impressive outlook, Microsoft shares dropped about 1% in AH, but luckily Microsoft did not drop as sharply as Google – they somehow accidentally released the earnings before the bell and the stock fell nearly 10% at one point.

Microsoft Stock Revenue Presales

September-October MSFT chart – Stock declines despite strong outlook. Source: Google Finances

Microsoft’s server department is doing well, while Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division saw a 33% revenue drop

Planning to buy a Microsoft tablet? Prepare to pre-order

If you are planning to get a Microsoft tablet, you better get your pre-orders in early, because the demand is a lot higher than initially expected

Published: Friday, October 19th, 2012 Last Modified: October 19, 2012

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