I’m Not Sure About The Changes To CTF In Halo 4

Capture The Flag In Halo4_thumb4Developers of Halo 343 Industries revealed more changes to Halo 4 at PAX Prime last week in Seattle. Mainly, carrying a flag in a Capture the Flag gametype now comes with a one-handed pistol. The developers also revealed a new map just before the event, Exile, that is playable during the weekend.

I’m all for change, though there comes a point where change means altering the fundamental gameplay

It’s interesting to see a franchise go under a major change: XCOM experience it with the title releasing this year, moving away from a traditional RTS experience, and we’re seeing some fans gets outraged with the continual changes 343 Industries keeps revealing as we build to the November launch. My argument is change is positive, though core mechanics have to stay true.

A long-standing core mechanic in Halo is using two hands to carry the flag. This created the risk versus reward scenario of holding onto the flag and not revealing its location, in exchange for reduced movement speed, or dropping the flag in exchange for increased movement speed and revealing its — and your — location. This was largely combated through flag juggling, the art of quickly dropping and grabbing flags to move at the normal running speed while moving towards the capture point. This looks to be removed in Halo 4.

A Very Different Halo Experience

Now you’re carrying the flag, at normal running speed judging by videos, while carrying the magnum. So you’re doing damage while carrying the flag. I could understand if this was for multi-flag gametypes on larger maps, like Exile, though this seems to be the new default. I don’t know the magnum’s actual damage, though it needs to be a weak weapon if it is to be a non-issue. However if the magnum is compensated because of the changes to CTF, then that mean it’s a weak standalone weapon. I don’t want the weapon sandbox to be affected because of the change in a gametype.

It’ll also be interesting to see if the flag remains a one-hit kill weapon. My feeling is that the damage needs to be reduced to level the balance with the magnum’s introduction.

343 Industries also revealed Grifball is returning in Halo 4 along with the ability to pass the ball.

Halo 4 releases November 6.

Published: Monday, September 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: September 3, 2012

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