If Flow The Newest Email App From Microsoft?

Microsoft clearly understands the importance of email, and their Outlook product is certainly the biggest desktop client for email in the world. But, as they use Clutter to help organize and manage email, possibly a new product will be announced soon. That product might be called Flow from Microsoft.

Rumors and speculation about an upcoming product called Flow hit the Internet on Wednesday, and started getting email addicts drooling. A new internal product codenamed Flow is possibly coming soon according to leaked documents, and could be a great tool to help users manage their email needs.

Microsoft's Newest Email Tool Called Flow Leaked Online

What Is Flow?

Flow is meant to be a Microsoft product that can be run at the same time as Outlook. It’s scheduled to be called Flow By Outlook according to experts, and will be a mobile product for iPhones and Android phones. It allows anyone to reach anyone with an email address and conversations will be saved in Outlook.

Users can use Flow and Outlook in the same conversation, and makes it simple to integrate natural conversations with people. It won’t require subject lines, signatures, and is meant for real time conversations. Flow conversations and replies only appear there, and makes conversations that much more important.

Microsoft's Outlook Could Get Flow Soon

Can Flow Work?

Email is something that is hard to solve, and Microsoft has used mobile versions of Outlook to try and solve this problem. It has used Qik to make video chatting easier, and now looks to Flow for email. It could be something that either works or doesn’t, but Microsoft is seeing its future with Flow.

Flow still doesn’t have a release date or have any official word coming out from Microsoft. Microsoft has nothing to share about the product, but screens have been updated online showing the future app. With Outlook for Mobile out, Flow could work together with it, and making email easier to use 24/7.

Flow could be an interesting product if it works. It’s still just a rumor, but it sounds like a real rumor vs something else out there to dream about.

Published: Thursday, May 21st, 2015 Last Modified: May 21, 2015

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