IE10 Preview 2 Released – Sheds Light On Windows 8

Microsoft has released the second test version of their upcoming IE10 browser, officially known as the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Review 2. It is the same engine that was used during Microsoft’s first Windows 8 demo.

Internet Explorer 10 Preview 2 Sheds Light on Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10 is also going to be the browser that will be shipping with Windows 8.

HTML5 And It’s Problems

The HTML5 fever is completely on and all browser makers are working non-stop to implement it. It is a standard that is being designed to make sure that the browsing experience and the web apps are more cross-platform and cross-browser friendly.

However, the problem lies in the fact that no two browsers right now treat HTML5 alike. They might all respond to the same set of calls but the problem is there is no telling ‘how’ they will respond to it. That is what makes HTML5 pages to behave correctly in mostly one browser unless the developer has been really meticulous. But clashes might occur anyway.

Internet Explorer 10 Improvements

The new improvements in this version include drag and drop support, File Reader, Forms and Web workers — a feature that allows Web apps to run processes in the background to enhance perceived performance. However, these are features that IE10 has been lagging behind on.

There are features like Page Visibility and Channel Messaging (a feature that augments Web Workers) in which IE10 is leading the pack. These workout nicely for those developing for apps on Windows 8, which use the IE10 engine.

Better Security With Sandboxing

This Platform Preview has introduced two new and unique security features in the forms of HTML5 sandboxing and iFrame isolation. It helps the developers to contain their elements and hence preventing them from disrupting the site. So a developer using a third-party ad service can secure his users from receiving malware through the ad service by using the Sandbox feature.

As is usual with the Redmond folks, there’s a handful of demos like the Fireflies Speed demo which shows off GPU acceleration support. Download at

Published: Thursday, June 30th, 2011 Last Modified: June 30, 2011

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