IE Zero-Day Flaw Fixed By Microsoft

In a rare non patch Tuesday fix by Microsoft, the company issed a quick fix to a security problem that has gotten a lot of publicity lately. The fix by Microsoft is a zero-day flaw that was spotted, and was affecting Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11, but is now fixed.

The emergency patch is unlike others issued by Microsoft, as the company saw a strong urgency to getting this patch in the wild. It also includes fixes for Windows XP, and this move surprised many, as Windows XP support has been recently taken away by Microsoft.

Microsoft Issues Emergency Fix For Internet Explorer Users

What Is With The Fix?

The fix which is labeled under Security Advisory 2963983, was something that Microsoft noticed and issed a security advisory on April 26th. Microsoft was told of this browser error by FireEye Inc, and had to do with the Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Vulnerability.

The errors allowed remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service attack using compromised versions of Internet Explorer 6 through 11. It was labeled a critical fix by Microsoft, and took this fix as an emergency measure. The fix is available via the Automatic Updates feature and is available now.

Microsoft Gives Windows XP One Latest Support Update On Thursday For Internet Explorer

XP Support Included

While the emergency fix was noted, the support for Windows XP surprised many. Microsoft stated that the exception to issue a patch for Windows XP was based on the proximity to the end of support for the product. Lots of reports of this bug were overblown, but Microsoft wanted to issue a fix ASAP.

With Windows XP still having a 26 percent marketshare in the computer market, many criticize the company for not issuing continued support for Windows XP. This is the latest in blunders or criticisms that the company has gotten over XP support, and this latest fix is the latest fire in the XP dilemma. It is a free update though, and XP users are strongly encouraged to download the update for their systems and Internet Explorer.

This is a must download for Internet Explorer users. It is a zero-day exploit, and no one wants their systems compromised at all.

Published: Friday, May 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: May 2, 2014

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