[email protected] Announced At gamescom Event

One of the biggest announcements yet for the Xbox One was announced during the gamescom show in Germany by Microsoft and Xbox on Tuesday. The [email protected] program unveiled a brand new program that will give independent game developers new and exciting ways to build games for the Xbox One.

The [email protected] program according to Microsoft came as a result of asking over 50 different game developers their opinions. This will enable developers to self-publish games on the XBox One later this year, and gives developers access to development kits at no charge as well.


Full Achievements Possible

One of the main points that Microsoft brought out during this announcement was that the same features as any large game regarding achievements, Gamerscore, Kinect, Xbox Cloud services and more will be available via the independent games. They will be available in the Xbox One Store, and gives them the ability to compete against the mainstream developing game market and get their game exposure completely out there.

Indies Can Still Work WIth Publishers and MS Studios

Another point of the [email protected] program was all about how independent game developers can still use publishers with the Xbox One. Microsoft pointed out that publishers give access to testing, QA, funding, marketing, and promotional services which can help a game take off and make money. The best combination of this promotion will be available to all game developers soon.

Program For Individuals To Create Still Alive

The news announcement on Xbox still showed that independent users will still be able to create their own games for the Xbox One without the need for being a developer. This will come eventually according to Microsoft, and will make the Xbox One a development solution in the forthcoming months according to Xbox.

The overall announcements at gamescom were huge for independent developers and is the program that they have been waiting for surrounding the console. The independent gaming market is important for Microsoft, and this rollout of the [email protected] program by Microsoft will give developers the tools and the platform to put their games on, get them to the public, and sell them among all the others on Xbox One.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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