IDC: More Than 500 Million Annual PC Sales in 2016, Portable PC’s A Hit In Emerging Markets

Windows 8 Boosting Pc Sales UltrabooksWindows 8 could propel PC sales, bringing the total PC sales up to 500 million by 2016. Dual-OS devices will be a slow burner

Windows 8 may be launching in October, and PC sales are predicted to rise during the operating system’s launch

With Windows 8 launching this year, Microsoft’s newest operating system will bring a new approach to computing with its Metro UI and ‘regular’ desktop versions of Windows working together. However, the IDC has said that Microsoft will have to be patient while manufacturers work with their new OS.

The IDC has said that the launch of Windows 8, probably in October, will drive strong second-half-of-2012 PC growth. The IDC said that devices like the iPad “are proving to be a powerful distraction” according to Bob O’Donnel, vice president of Clients and Displays at IDC.

However, the IDC said that PCs are going to continue to exist and tablets won’t replace the personal computer entirely. They believe interest in PCs will rekindle when Windows 8 launches, whereas now there is a big focus on tablets.

They have also said that the market is trying to figure out how to blend PCs and tablets in one device, generally seen in ultrabooks. The IDC has said there will be a period of “trial and error” before companies begin to figure out how to blend good design while maintaining functionality.

They also added the worldwide PC growth for 2011 when on a positive note, growing to 1.8 percent.

Windows 8 launching October?

A recent rumour also suggested that Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 in October, with both ARM and Intel devices.

The rumour, reported by Bloomberg, also suggested that while Microsoft will launch with ARM and Intel devices there will be significantly more Intel devices. There will be more than 40 Intel devices, but only three tablet devices on ARM. The report also said that Microsoft will also be hosting an event in April for industry partners, where they will talk about the release strategy, including timing and marketing.

Michael Gartenberg, analyst at Gartner Inc, said that Microsoft won’t be “able to ship anything in 2012” if they didn’t launch Windows 8 in the September-October window.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available for download now from Microsoft’s website, for free.

Published: Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 Last Modified: March 21, 2012

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