Human Interaction Device: Windows 8 Gesture Support Comes To Touchpad Via Free Metro App

Human Interaction Device Windows 8 Gestures The Touchpad app that lets you turn your Windows Phone in to a touch-based pointing device has now been updated by its developers with support for Windows 8 gestures.

Don’t Have TouchPad For Windows 8? Use Your Windows Phone Instead


Touchpad is a clever little app that turns your Windows Phone handset in to a pointing device by utilizing its touchscreen and hooking up to a compatible machines as a Human Interaction Device (HID).


TouchPad Windows Phone app updates with Windows 8 gestures

While most wireless pointing devices connect to your PC via Bluetooth, this app connects to your system via WLAN. So you can basically control your computer from across the house through several walls and rooms. And the app does more than just pointing. One swipe will turn it into a full QWERTY keyboard. Other than the touch, the built-in accelerometer is also available for use as a pointing device, which means you can tilt and pan to get pointing done in 3D space.

For the full set up, you need a tiny client application on your computer so that Touchpad can be detected and used. The new version includes the keyboard feature we discussed above and it also comes with cursor controls for using in place of the actual arrow-keys on your keyboard. But the most useful piece of addition they have done for Windows 8 users specifically is adding touch gestures that are used in Windows 8.

A lot of Windows 8 Consumer Preview users do not have access to a touchscreen-based PC to try out the gestures on. Consequently a lot of the Metro UI flavor is lost in translation because the users have to stick to a mouse.

Now, those who have a Windows Phone can take the free version of the TouchPad app and perform the basic tasks with Windows 8 gestures. Quite useful and you don’t have to buy a separate touchpad either.

Here’s the official website page with links to both the free and the paid version on the Windows Phone store

Published: Thursday, April 26th, 2012 Last Modified: April 26, 2012

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