Huawei Could be Developing Windows 8 Tablets (Surprise!)

Huawei Windows 8 Tablets
At this point we expect everyone to develop a Windows 8 tablet at some point.

Increasing the amount of Windows 8 tablets by the day, Huawei could be the latest to manufacture devices

The chinese manufacturer has apparently assembled a team of 70 engineers to work on the Windows 8 tablets, which look to be in large quantities coming the operating system’s launch around October. Apparently the company will be working on a 4G LTE tablet, though whether it’s just a tablet or a ultrabook hybrid device is unknown. We also don’t know whether the device will be x86 based or ARM based, though Microsoft will be supporting both from launch.

The company was also rumored to be developing Windows Phone 8 devices, so that could hint towards a potential windows for Windows 8’s release. The next version of Windows Phone is rumored to be releasing during Q3, too.

There’s every chance the two operating systems could launch alongside each other, considering they’re a key part of Microsoft’s strategy going forward. It won’t be surprising if Microsoft continue to integrate the two: we already know about the ability to resume saves across Windows Phone and Xbox Live.

Also, if Huawei builds and ARM tablet then they’ll be going up against Apple. However, I don’t think that’s a big concern: I wrote in the past about how I think Windows 8 could be the first OS to challenge the iPad’s dominance.

Windows 8 not a false pretender

Remember the Kindle Fire? Yeah, no. While the tablet has definitely found a niche, it’s hardly as full-featured as the iPad and not a true competitor. The iPad is successful because it’s simple, and the apps is incredibly active. No developer has come close to that, but Windows has the potential.

If developers buy into Metro, and there’s every reason to, then Microsoft will have hundreds of millions of copies of Windows to get apps too. Microsoft just needs to make development approachable, which they seem to be doing. In a blog post earlier this year, the company detailed a process showing the similar design elements between iPad apps and Metro apps. Developers really had to remove a few interface elements, and the apps had the same functionality. I don’t see Google pushing these guides.

Published: Thursday, April 26th, 2012 Last Modified: April 26, 2012

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