HTC, Samsung, Nokia Devices With Windows Phone 7 “Mango” OS

New handsets from HTC, Samsung and Nokia are on its way, which will use Microsoft’s latest update to the Windows Phone 7.5 OS “Mango”.

Update: HTC has two handsets, called Ignite and Prime that are promising to be very cool – they are scheduled for a release in late 2011.

Windows Phone 7 so far has been praised for a lot of things — the innovative UI, the unique workflow and the over all complete reimagining of the platform. It has also been told off for being slow to the start and basically dormant in the market due to lack of exposure and some other vital missing parts. But it looks like all that is about to end.

Mango: Increased Market Visibility

Windows Phone 7 initially had all the basic ingredients in place for a great platform. Microsoft fixed that with a healthy dose of improvements and brought out Windows Phone 7.1 — Mango. And it is with Mango that several major players in the industry will make their windows phone debut (and upgrades, in certain cases).

Mango is thus far shaping up to be a big wave in the market that might finally take Windows Phone home when it comes to market visibility and increased sales. Players like Nokia (who have switched to Windows Phone as their primary platform, announced at WMC this year), LG, HTC (who were amongst the first to bring out Windows Phone handsets), Huawei, Fujitsu, Dell, Acer and Samsung.

HTC Betting Heavy On Mango

HTC has morphed in to a very serious player in recent years and they are investing heavily in Windows Phone 7 with multiple handsets. One of which is a behemoth of a device called the ‘Eternity’. With a massive (for a phone) 4.7 inch SLCD display, it will be crackling with speed with a 1.5Ghz (single core) Snapdragon processor, 16GB built in storage and an 8MP primary camera and a 1.3MP front-facing camera. It is almost a Windows Phone 7 tablet that a lot of people have been day dreaming about.

Mango, In All Forms, Shapes And Sizes

Other than the monster phone from HTC, there’s a slider coming up from Samsung (SGH-i677 — sounds like a flight to Singapore if you ask me). Nokia is bound to come up with multiple form factors too but there’s no information available at the moment. HTC is bringing out two low-end phones with 800MHz processors, called Prime (with keyboard) and Ignite (touchscreen only). These were leaked accidentally through Dutch retailer Phone House.

Published: Monday, August 1st, 2011 Last Modified: August 1, 2011

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