HTC Not Getting In On Windows 8 Development

Htc Not Getting Into Windows 8 Development

Bloombery reports smartphone maker won’t be getting to grips with Windows RT.

HTC doesn’t have the experience of capacity to sell enough products to develop on Windows 8, according to Microsoft

We don’t know what smartphone developers are transitioning to Windows 8, aside from Nokia being the most likely, but we do know one who won’t be working on the upcoming OS: HTC. Bloomberg is reporting the prolific Android smartphone manufacturers doesn’t have the ability to sell enough products, and lacks experience, in Microsoft’s view.

It’s a blow to HTC, because producing tablets for Windows 8 would have been an opportunity to dent Apple’s market share. Though I think, outside of Android, HTC can’t bring value to other platforms. They’re Android smartphones are entirely based around the Sense UI, and we saw with its Windows Phones how they relegated the Sense-esque elements to a information hub which showed unimportant information such as the weather.

It also isn’t good news for the company’s stock, which has fallen by a huge 68 percent over the past 12 months. The company is also seeing shortages on the Qualcomm chips, which Apple and Samsung – who both developers smartphones using Qualcomm chips, and share a contract developing Apple products – have a monopoly on. With the iPhone 5 probably releasing during the fall, that monopoly is set to continue.

HTC Windows 8 Devices Coming 2013

Bloomberg also reported that Microsoft will release Windows 8 by the holidays, and Windows RT – or Windows ARM, the tablet-specific version of the operating system – while other tablets and computers will use Intel chips.

Of course, Microsoft remained coy in an official statement and said HTC remains a strong partner in the present and future. HTC said it will be supporting future versions of Windows 8; honestly, I’d be surprised if they didn’t release a Windows 8 tablet. And Bloomberg report says as much, claiming HTC will be involved in a second wave of tablets during 2013.

It’d be nice if Microsoft is picking the best partners to produce the best devices for launch because, as we’ve said many times, the high-quality devices are what Microsoft needs. If they’re producing the luxury devices to go against Apple, then they could be a strong competitor. The developer support will be there.

Published: Sunday, June 10th, 2012 Last Modified: June 10, 2012

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