HP Windows 8 Tablet Could Be Thinner Than iPad And Feature A Keyboard

Hp Tablet Thinner Than Ipad With Keyboard
HP’s tablet will also be thinner than the iPad, and will be very light.

Rumors suggest HP is working on a Windows 8 tablet that is thinner than the iPad

Windows 8 rumors and announcements are happening every day, it seems. The latest is coming via Neowin, suggesting HP are working on a Windows 8 tablet that will rival the iPad in terms of specs and form factor.

The device will be an x86 tablet, that will be both thinner and lighter than the iPad, with eight-ten hours of battery life and a 10.1-inch screen. The device is currently been called the HP Slate 8, and from the specs looks like a direct competitor the iPad. And remember how I talked about the killer form factors Microsoft and Windows 8 needed? This could be it.

The device won’t be using ARM, apparently, because it’s targeted at businesses. No release date was given, though I’d be surprised if it didn’t launch this year given the specs are already confirmed. However, despite my thoughts, the source speaking to Neowin claims the render is not final and is an early mockup of the tablet. The spec list is also not final. Still, if Windows launches in October then that’s a sizeable amount of time to get the tablet out.

Launch date, price unknown

Neowin also said this: they expect tablets to launch alongside, or shortly after, Windows 8. I’ve said many times I expect Microsoft to make a big push on hardware, it’s just a questions of the quality. Targeting the iPad is nothing to be ashamed of, as it’s very attractive and ergonomic.

HP CEO Meg Whitman said in February this year that she expects the company to release its first x86 Windows 8 PC before the end of 2012, so maybe HP will launches a tablet and PC for the operating system around the same time. Or perhaps, as Neowin suggests, the tablet reported and rendered is that device. Though why she said PC, and not tablet, would be confusing.

Of course, the price is a big factor in the device’s success. The iPad’s lowest 16GB, Wi-Fi-only model retails for $399. That’s an excellent price for a tablet dominating the market, so HP has to price accordingly.

Published: Friday, May 4th, 2012 Last Modified: May 4, 2012

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