HP Will Develop Windows 8 Tablets But Not Android Tablets

Looks like HP has been hanging out with Intel a lot lately. Both of them have similar reactions to Windows 8 — they both want to make tablets. Intel actually wants their chips in the tablets.

HP Windows 8 Tablets Not Android

HP wants, rather they are saying that they ‘might’ make Windows 8 tablets. But never Android.

HP Shuns Android But Might Embrace Windows 8

HP, like all other self-respecting large scale consumer technology companies, wants to make tablets. However, unlike most others, it does not want to make an Android one. But that’s mainly because they spent $1.5 billion acquiring the sinking ship that was Palm and with it they acquired Palm’s single most precious possession at that time — the WebOS mobile platform.

So they made it very clear at that time that they will be withdrawing all support from both Windows Mobile and Android. But the fact is that they still have close ties with Microsoft. So Android is now their main rival.

HP Executive Hints At The Possibility Of A Windows 8 Tablet

Most HP executives avoid the topic of the Windows 8 completely or change the topic. Which means there’s something to be hidden. Thankfully one of them was confident enough in his diplomacy to form a reply.

Ricahrd Kerris from HP told Fast Company that even though they are focusing on WebOS, their continuing close ties with Microsoft mean that anything can happen. He also suggested that if there’s a large number of core HP customers who want a Windows 8 tablet from them, HP will definitely give them that.

Long explanation short, it looks HP really is considering making Windows 8. They have not been the strongest or the most focused players in the market so far but they have shown interest in making tablets and riding the wave.

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2011 Last Modified: October 30, 2011

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