HP Wants You To Know How To Use Windows 8, Though It’s Not Quite Ready

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HP released an app on the Windows Store instructing users on how to use Windows 8 for users that haven’t installed the pre-release Previews. This seems like a tile Microsoft should include when the operating systems loads up for the first time, like the Xbox Live dashboard.

Confused about Windows 8? HP is stepping in to help — even before the first party

Windows 8 is designed to be a simple operating system; the desktop side is the Windows we’ve been using since Windows XP, while the Modern UI is a tile-based interface that is barebone in appearance and functionality. Still, HP is reaching out to users by offering an app that walks users through Windows 8.

Despite what enthusiasts may think, not everyone jumping into the new Windows will know everything about Windows 8, especially not-immediately-obvious-features like the the charms bar. Gestures will also need to be learnt, especially when using a mouse and keyboard ironically. I have a feeling a lot of users will be installing Microsoft’s new operating system on laptops and desktops with the numerous offers pushing $15 upgrades.

Tutorial For The Unanitiated, Though You’ll Be Learning About Windows 7 For Now

It’ll be interesting to see how the reaction to Windows 8 unfolds the months after releases. I’ve seen impressions from immense praise to apocalyptic predictions; I wonder if the latter is due to the drastic changes we’re seeing with the Modern UI. Personally speak I don’t think it’s that big a shift, though perhaps the introducing of Windows Phone dampened the impact of Metr-I mean Modern UI.

The app isn’t limited to HP hardware — WindowsObserver installed the app on an Asus device. We’ll have to see whether non-HP OEMs build similar how-to apps, or Microsoft introduces it own tutorial. Or put gestures in the settings menu with video like Apple.

Currently the app includes tutorials for Windows 7 and XP. I’d imagine that’s a placeholder before Windows 8 releases this October, or possible even before considering the release to manufacturing build is available to select partners including IT organisations and developers.

I’m expecting Microsoft to ramp up the feature promotion for Windows 8, starting August 4 with the Microsoft-Nokia Windows Phone event.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 Last Modified: September 4, 2012

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