HP To Stay In PC Business, Will Make Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Earlier this week HP announced that they will continue to make PC’s and will also start offering Ultrabooks running Windows 8.

Windows 8 Ultrabooks

HP Talks About Making Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are notebooks that are below 17milimeter in thickness and are part of a brand that belongs to Intel. The chipmaker has very strict specifications about the brand and it is designed to be perfectly complimentary to Windows 8 when it launches. The news about Ultrabooks came out around the same time as Windows 8 and it was one the showcase products during the Windows 8 Developer Preview announcement at BUILD 2011.

HP was already rumored to be working on Windows 8 tablets earlier in the month. Now the company’s vice-president of Personal Systems Group Todd Bradley made a statement regarding their plans about staying the PC business and making Ultrabooks. He said that the company is really focused on this ‘ultramobile’ category of notebooks and we would “see that (the results) very soon”. Bradley also said that they were conscious of the amount of expectations they were facing in the short term. This was mainly a reference to the series of failed decisions and products that HP went through in the recent past.

CEO Meg Whitman also made statements regarding the company’s recent PC efforts and said that they will put their “entire weight” behind all new product launches. She also said that she thinks it important to be part of the tablet business, which is now being interpreted as an indication of them producing Windows 8 based tablets.

HP Will Be Working On Windows 8 For PC’s, Ultrabooks And Tablets

HP has already made statements earlier in the month regarding working on the Windows 8 platform. Being the world’s largest PC maker, they would also be looking to make their PC’s more Windows 8 friendly. Moreover, Ultrabooks are Windows 8 centric products. Which means when HP’s clear intent of making Windows 8 tablets is taken into consideration, the company seems to be working pretty hard to take advantage of Windows 8 when it arrives next year.

Published: Sunday, October 30th, 2011 Last Modified: October 30, 2011

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