HP Reveals Their Windows 8 Tablet Roadmap

Hp Tablet1_thumb.jpg 1HP has finally talked clearly about how they plan to bring about Windows 8 Tablets to their markets and it turns out the anyone waiting on HP for buying a proper tablet will have to wait till they release their x86 machines and then get ready for ARM ones.

HP To Release x86 Windows 8 Tablets First Followed By ARM Windows 8 Tablets

HP’s latest CEO Meg Whitman has confirmed earlier reports that suggested HP is already working on Windows 8 tablets and said that the devices are definitely part of their plans for the this year and the upcoming new OS from Microsoft. What she did not give out however was a definite plan for the same thing. All she could tell the press was that the x86 tablets would be the first ones to arrive and the ARM ones would follow after that.

Well, given the fact that the ARM version of Windows 8 has not seen daylight yet and the developer preview for x86 devices has been out since last year, it is clear the HP’s problem is not exactly internal. The ARM version just has not been around that long. And the only plausible reason why it is nowhere to be seen is because it is not completely ready for developer testing yet.

Coming back to Whitman, she recently stated in an interview that tablets were very important to her company. She said they would back in the business, referring to their current lack of offerings and past failures. She also mentioned that Tablet PCs will help the company stay on top of the market, which is something HP is all too used to being the world’s largest PC manufacturer. However, Whitman is also quite certain that they would remain leaders even without tablets on the roster. Thankfully, we will not have to see HP go through that now that the tablet plans are confirmed.

Microsoft in the meantime is clearly under the combined pressure of all their hardware partners, which means the whole PC industry is bearing down on them to know one simple thing “are we done yet?” As the consumer preview release draws close, this will reach a fever pitch very soon.

Published: Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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