HP Planning Windows 8 Tablet Called Slate 8

HP is looking to out do Apple with a Windows 8 based tablet that will be thinner and will run for about the same time as the iPad.
HP is apparently working on a Windows 8 Slate device: Rumors

HP Wants To Trump Apple iPad With A Windows 8 Tablet

Tech site Neowin has presented quite the rumor — HP is apparently working on a tablet device that will take on Apple’s iPad in its own game. The device will be the same 10.1inch in size but will be thinner than the iPad. It will also have a 8-10 hours battery life, the same as the iPad. But most importantly, it will be running on Windows 8. It will be called Slate 8 and it will be driven by an Intel chip, so users will be able to access legacy software.

The device is apparently targeted at a business audience, the one segment where Apple’s presence is still not as strong as the PC makers. The slide that Neowin has presented as a proof of the device is somewhat incomplete and the post does admit it but the source was apparently quite adamant about it being the spec list of a working model that is an early mock up of the tablet.

HP has had a bad history with tablets so far. Their attempt at using the Palm developed WebOS failed badly and it was never recovered. It was one of the shortest lived tablets in the market, that was discontinued within 49 days of being in the market. However, the company has expressed its desire to learn from past mistakes and try again. HP was widely rumored to be going back to WebOS for the next iteration but now it seems like they have switched over to Windows 8 for a more lucrative deal.
Windows 8 has the benefit of a constant buzz going around it at the moment and this would reflect favorably during the launch thanks to the pent up demand that this promotion is creating.

Published: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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