HP And Microsoft Announce $199 Windows Laptops

HP made a number of announcements over the past few months, but the thought of a sub $200 laptop featuring Windows 8.1 was one that many were speculating about. On Monday, HP announced the HP Stream 11 and HP Stream 14 laptops which could be gamechangers.

The holiday season and school season are the biggest times of laptop sales, and Windows has been a big holiday seller. By bringing out Windows laptops for as low as $199, both Microsoft and HP are showing consumers that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to take advantage of Windows 8.1 on laptops.

Microsoft and HP Debut HP Stream 14 For Users

HP Stream 14

The larger of the HP Stream laptops announced was the HP Stream 14. It will have a 14-inch screen on it, and feature a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. It will have a bundled version of OS Windows, and have a begineer to middle range processor built inside, since no final specs have been announced. It will also have 2 GB of System RAM and have a 32 GB SSD drive inside.

This laptop is perfect for the student or user who doesn’t want to hold a lot of data on the laptop, and wants to host the data in the cloud. It will have enough power to run Windows, and Office 365, along with Internet Explorer and other programs. It isn’t met for power users, but with a low price point, it will be a big seller.

Microsoft and HP Debut HP Stream 11 For Users

HP Stream 11 Details

The HP Stream though will be a different type of laptop for users. At only $199, it has a 11.6 inch screen, and will run a bundled version of Windows 8.1. It will have 2 GB of System RAM, 32GB SSD storage, and have a pointing trackpad for use. It will have a Intel Celeron onboard, and be perfect for a $199 laptop.

The HP Stream 11 is perfect for a second computer, someone who just wants to get online, and someone who wants to answer emails and write emails. It comes with the Office 365 Productivity Suite and also have some mobile data offered as well. Some will have Intel HD graphics inside as well plus 8.5 hour battery life.

These HP Stream machiness aren’t shabby. Windows 8.1 will shine on these and Microsoft has a perfect partner with HP on these low priced laptops.

Published: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Last Modified: October 1, 2014

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