How Xbox Live Gold changes will affect you

Microsoft have announced changes on how their Xbox Live Gold structure will work with changes expected to take place from August 27 onwards.

Microsoft announce Xbox Live Gold family pack changes

The big news is that Microsoft have announced that they will be dissolving Xbox Live Gold family packs from August 27, 2013 onwards. Any accounts involved with a Xbox Live Gold family pack will become individual accounts from this date.


Any individual account part of a family pack will retain full gold status for whatever time the family pack was purchased for as Microsoft will honour the original agreement. They have also announced that any accounts affected by this will get three months free Xbox live Gold as a goodwill gesture.

So unfortunately it appears the families and friends who benefited from the discounted rates for four or more gold accounts will now have to pay more for each account to retain Gold status.

It’s not all doom and gloom though , as you will see the new Xbox live Gold system is more flexible than before.

How the new Xbox live Gold system will work

One of the most touted features of the Xbox One is digital game sharing. After the controversy surrounding E3 and Xbox live policies it was briefly removed , but has since been reinstated. Xbox live Gold is not needed for digital game sharing -only for the use of entertainment apps and multiplayer gaming.

It will be possible for any gamer to access your digital library on your Xbox One with their gamertag and play the games – downloaded digital games will be licensed to the hardware they are purchased on. Any purchases made on a friend’s console will also be available on your primary console.

Easy access to Gold features

Xbox Live Gold accounts are also be tied to a console. Not sure what this means? Well, it’s good news if you’re going to be sharing your Xbox. Families and friends will have all the gold features on your Xbox One as long as there is one gold account. So essentially only one gold account is needed per Xbox One to avail of all the Gold features, which should somewhat subside the recent family pack changes.


So all in all it’s mixed news, while the family pack was a good deal for those who availed of it and it is disappointing that the offer is gone ,those affected have been offered three months free Gold service and the new sharing policy will mean it is not as big as a blow as it could have been.

Keep checking in as we continue to keep you updated with all of the news surrounding Xbox One and its upcoming release.

Published: Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 Last Modified: August 13, 2013

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