How Windows 8 Will Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

Windows8 Battery Life_thumb.jpg 1In the detailed post about power efficiency that started off the Desktop on ARM speculations once again, Microsoft was actually trying to tell us how great Windows 8 would be at saving batter life.

Users Will Get More Battery Life Out Of Windows 8 Thanks To Built In Measures

Microsoft had already posted about the many things they are doing to make Windows 8 more power efficient on the Building Windows 8 blog. But this time they have chosen to go in to further details to show us exactly how they are doing it on mobile devices and devices running on SoC (that could either ARM or x86 by the time Windows 8 launches).

Here, Microsoft talks of a state called ‘connected standby’. Traditionally, standby in case of mobile devices has meant that it is more or less on with the screen and a few other services shut down. This has not been as power efficient as putting the device to sleep. This new state devised by Microsoft is actually a near-sleep state where the device is only aware of connections for downloading email, text messages and perhaps phone calls if the device is also a phone. But everything else is shutdown. Since Metro style apps have processes that sync up and retrieve data, those will be on in the connected stand by. But that’s just the connection staying alive, the apps themselves will not be functioning. The system has been overall made more efficient when it comes to allocating resources to active and inactive apps.

Microsoft clearly states in the blog that if your app is not on screen and the screen is not on, your battery won’t be drained. But things that you want running in the background such as file copying, data syncing, updating information, etc. will still go on without making the whole app run.

Apps in fact can either being actively running on the screen or be completely suspended in the background or just doing a specific task in the background and only that task. Only apps in active use will have unlimited access to resources. Every other app will face strict resource management quotas.

And this way, Windows 8 will ensure that you have amazing battery life without sacrificing on the comforts of auto-syncing and updating.

Published: Friday, February 10th, 2012 Last Modified: February 10, 2012

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