How Windows 10 Is Being Rolled Out To Users

One of the most important questions that users had when Microsoft announced the Windows 10 launch, was when can I have it. Consumers are always inching to grab part of the newest version of Windows for their operating system, and Microsoft realizes this when it announced Windows. For that, they have a laid out plan.

Microsoft has a strategic plan for Windows 10, and it’s part of a one-year plan for Windows 10. It goes from introducing the product, to initiating the largest consumer and enterprise testing program to date, and progressive releases to hopefully a final Windows 10 product in mid-2015.

Microsoft Debuts Windows Insider Program For Windows 10

From Announcement To Insider Program

Microsoft its major announcement to the press, showed off the first version of Windows to users, and to the press. It was the first verion of it to be shown outside of press picture releases, and one that was eagerly anticipated. In the press conference, Microsoft showed Windows 10 off and thus announced an Insider Program.

This Windows Insider Program is the first of its kind from Microsoft, and one that has grown to be very successful for Microsoft. Its a program geared strictly to enthusiasts, and one that amateur users are discouraged from trying out. It’s geared to deliver the latest Windows 10 preview release and let users try it out and give Microsoft feedback on the progress.

Microsoft's Insider Program Gives Users A New Welcome Screen To Enjoy

Insider To General Release

During the Windows Insider Program, users are encouraged to send Microsoft as much feedback as possible to detail the problems and concerns of the Windows 10 preview. It has generated a ton of feedback so far, and will continue to do so, as users try out Windows 10 on a number of machines and devices from around the globe.

As Windows 10 exists the preview mode, it will slowly be upgraded with various versions of Windows 10, thus bringing it to a beta mode. This beta mode will also be available to test, and will be a more stable release than the others. Betas will be tested, and Microsoft is looking for a final consumer and enterprise release to be released in the middle of 2015. This final release will be one that anyone can purchase and use on their systems.

Microsoft is taking its time and giving Windows users a needed upgrade. But, in doing it slowly it will fix any bugs and problems it could generate as a result.

Published: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 Last Modified: November 5, 2014

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