How to take screenshots in Black Prophecy

If you want to take screenshots in Black Prophecy, here’s a small how-to.

How to take screenshots in Black Prophecy

The default key for taking screenshots in Black Prophecy is F11. Use this key to take your screenshots.

The screenshots will be copied to the folder:
C:\Users\username\Documents\Reakktor Media\Black Prophecy\Screenshots (simply go the folder My Documents, which can usually be found on the explorer sidebar (libraries).

That’s actually all there is to know about taking screenshots in Black Prophecy. Of course, you can use various tools like Fraps to take screenshots of the cut-scenes, because you can’t actually take screenshots of them with F11. You can only take pics of the game itself, not the cut-scenes.

Below, you will find some more tips and tricks how to take pictures in games.

Published: Saturday, March 5th, 2011 Last Modified: March 5, 2011

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