How to save list of running processes in text file in Windows 7

Windows 7 includes a shell for this type of job, called PowerShell. You can use it to save a list of running processes into a text file

How to save list of running processes

Store List Of Running Processes

1. Step Enter powershell into the search field and hit Enter

2. Step Type get-process > D:\Logs\processes.txt and hit Enter

3. StepDone! Sorry, did you expect more steps?

D:\Logs\processes.text can of course customized – this file does NOT have to exist, simply make sure the path is valid (folder must exist!)

Sort List Of Running Processes by CPU

1. Step Type get-process | sort-object -property cpu -descending > D:\Logs\cpu.txt

Save list of running processes

My recommendation is that Linux users should quickly get familiar with the Windows Powershell, it supports LS, MAN, PS and many other common Linux shell commands.

Linux Users On Windows 7 Tips

As a Linux user it’s definitely handy to have a few familiar commands.



Published: Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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