How to make Minecraft run faster (less laggy)

Is your Minecraft lagging a lot? If so, you might want to make Minecraft run a bit faster. This tutorial is intended for Windows-users only.
Make Minecraft run faster

Tip: Before reading this tutorial how to make Minecraft run faster, you might want to read this extensive guide how to make Windows 7 run faster, as this will most likely help you to make Minecraft run faster as well!

1. Change Minecraft Server

If you are logging into a server to play Minecraft, consider changing the server. If the server is located somewhere far away from you it might slow down your Minecraft.

Minecraft Server List

2. Download Minecraft Offline Client

If you are playing Minecraft online (for free) you might want to consider buying the game and playing it via the offline client. This might have a positive effect, since a slow connections might make Minecraft run a lot slower than it could and might possibly be even a cause for major lag spikes.

Buy Minecraft Online

3. Make Java Run Faster: Make Minecraft Fly

Minecraft is a Java game. One thing I hate about Java is that it consumes a lot of CPU and is often responsible for slow websites, websites crashes and what not. As you can imagine, giving Java more power (via CPU priority

1. Step Run Minecraft.
2. Step Open the Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL)
3. Step Right-click on Minecraft and select Go to Process:
Minecraft Windows Process
4. Step Right-click on javaw.exe and hover over Priority. Select High Priority (Do not use realtime if you don’t want to crash your PC)
5. Step Make sure Java is using all of your processors or Minecraft will not run as fast it could. To do that right-click on javaw.exe and hover over Affinity. Select all CPU’S:

Java CPU Affinity

4. Minecraft Graphics, Framerate, Memory Usage

Show FPS in Minecraft:
Do you want to see how much memory Minecraft is using and display your FPS? Press F3!

Minecraft show fps
As you can see Java is a memory-hog and Minecraft needs some resources to create those really huge worlds. On my system only 45 FPS and 1GB RAM dedicated

Tip: Minecraft (Java) requires a lot of RAM, consider upgrading your RAM to make Minecraft run faster. 512MB RAM are WAY to less for modern PC’s and applications. You should at least have 2GB RAM (Windows 7 32-bit), but 4GB (Windows 7 64-bit) or more is recommended.

You can limit the framerate of Minecraft, which might help to to make Minecraft run faster on some systems. Also, make sure that your graphics are NOT set to “fancy”. Additionally, you can set the render distance to SHORT (can greatly reduce lag and improve speed)

1. Step Open Minecraft and log in
2. Step Click on Options and set Limit Framerate to ON and Graphis to FAST
3. Step Set Render distance to SHORT

Limit Framerate in Minecraft

Published: Friday, November 5th, 2010 Last Modified: November 5, 2010

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