How To Join Guild Wars 2 Beta

Join Guild Wars 2 Beta_thumb.jpg 1Do you want to join the Guild Wars 2 beta? Here’s your chance.

1. Step Head over to the website and click the red Sign Up button

2. Step ArenaNet need your hardware specs so they can provide beta keys to players on as many different PC setups as possible, therefore you need to download a little tool that will analyze your hardware. What this will do on your PC? Well, enter dxdiag.exe into the search bar on your Start menu and hit enter to see what kind of information they will collect:

Hardware Specs Analysis For Beta Tests 1

It will also collect data about your CPU, memory, disk space, DirectX version, operating system, display resolution, native resolution, etc.

3. Step Launch the scannertron.exe and wait a minute, then click on Send

4. Step A browser window will open where you have to enter your contact information

Entering Contact Information To Join Beta 1

5. Step Submit it and you are done, with a bit of luck they will pick you for the closed beta

Keep in mind that you cannot disclose any information about the game until the open beta or when they lifted the NDA

Published: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: February 23, 2012

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