How To Install Google Chrome Themes

Installing Google Chrome themes is very easy, in fact it doesn’t require a tutorial to install them. However, I noticed that older versions of Google Chrome make installing themes a bit more complicated, so I’d thought I’d post a short guide with some details.

How to install Google Chrome themes

Installing Themes In Chrome Doesn’t Work?

The latest Google Chrome 8 supports .crx files. CRX files can be dropped into Google Chrome and will be automatically installed. If it doesn’t install your themes automatically, that’s a first sign that there is something wrong. So, first rule, make sure that the Google Chrome theme that you want to install is a .crx file. How to do that? Open firefox, download the Google Chrome theme and verify that the file extension is .crx. If it’s not the theme might be for an older version of Google Chrome. Some themes even include a .dll file, which *was* stored in the Google Application folder.

# Update Google Chrome
# Make sure theme file is .CRX file or it won’t work

Help! Google Chrome won’t install my CRX files!

So, you verified that you are actually installing CRX files and that you have installed the latest version of Google Chrome? If so, there is not much you can do

1. Step Reinstall Chrome
2. Step Open C:\Users\sOliver\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions
3. Step Your themes should be somewhere in that folder, if you really can’t install Chrome themes right now you might want to try to rename the extension folder. Because this is user data, I am pretty sure that this data will even stay after a reinstallation

I hope this will help someone to install Google Chrome themes. Always make sure you have the latest version and there should’t be many problems. You might run into problems when you are trying to install the same theme maybe, if so post your problems below and we’ll look into it.

Published: Thursday, January 6th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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