How to install cursors in Windows 7?

How to install cursors in Windows 7It’s not difficult to install new cursors, anyone can do it. Here’s a short tutorial that will explain you how to install and apply new cursors in Vista or Windows 7.

1. Step First of all, download some Windows 7 Cursors

2. Step Next, unpack/unzip all of the cursors:

extract cursors

3. Step Preferably, you should copy the folder including all cursors into the Windows cursor folder.
You can find the cursor folder at: C:/Windows/Cursors.
Simply copy the entire folder into this Windows subfolder.

4. Step Open the Control Panel and click on “Mouse”

control panel mouse

5. Step For every mouse gesture you can define your very own cursor.

Click on the very first entry “Normal Select” and then click on Browse.

Now go to the Windows cursor folder where you copied all your cursors to (C:/Windows/Cursors.)
Select the cursor you want to apply for this mouse gesture and click on “Open”.

apply windows 7 cursors

6. Step Repeat step (5) for every other mouse gesture and apply a cursor for :

Help Select, Working in Background, Busy, Precision Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Unavailable,
Vertical Resize, Horizontal Resize, Diagonal Resize 1, Diagonal Resize 2, Move, Alternate Select, Link

Install Windows 7 Cursors

Free Windows 7 Cursors

You can use the following cursors for Windows 7, Xp, Vista and also on Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Download over 7500 free cursors

7500 Windows 7 Cursors

More Cursors

Also visit our sister site: Windows 7 Cursors to download completely new and free cursors for Windows 7.

Published: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 Last Modified: December 2, 2009

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