How to install Chrome themes

If you don’t know how to install Chrome themes, here’s a short guide that will quickly show you how to install all themes that you can find online in Chrome’s web gallery.

Installing Chrome themes

Installing Chrome themes is really as easy as 1,2,3! Seriously, if you still haven’t figured it out, just go to Google’s web store that is filled with Chrome themes, click on Install and you’re done!

1. Step Head over to
2. Step Find a cool Chrome theme like this Android theme:
Robot Theme Android
3. Step Click on the Install button
4. Step Done
5. Step Optionally, right-click on Install button, save the file on your hard drive, then double-click on the .crx file.

If this does not work for you, you should reset Chrome to the default settings. Also try updating Chrome to the latest version to make sure you don’t use a buggy Chrome version. Then read the tips below

As far as I know you can activate all themes that way. In Firefox, you actually have to install .jar files, but in Google Chrome it’s really fool-proof! Should you still have problems installing themes in Chrome, I’d suggest filing an error report and make sure that the .crx file is not corrupt.

Tip: Right-click on the install button, then save the file on your HDD. Make sure it’s a vlid .crx file. How to do that? Simply double-click it. Keep in mind that Google does not check if the files are valid, so it could always be a malicious file, although I am sure that Google scans the files when they are uploaded.

Update: Apparently some users have problems installing themes in Chrome. If you have problems too, please post the error messages below and let us know what Chrome version you use. Thanks.

Installing Chrome Themes Tips

After installing your favorite Chrome theme, I’d suggest not to disable the option “Always show bookmarks list” or your Chrome theme could be messed up.

Chrome Always Show Bookmarks Bar

So, I recommend to check that option.

Downloading Chrome Tips

Some authors create packages of themes and upload them to Google’s web store. Obviously, you can’t install multiple themes at once, so you’d first have to unpack them. For that right-click on the install button, then rename the file from .crx to .zip and extract the Chrome themes, which you can then install via double-click.

Themes Resolution!

Another very important thing that you should consider when you install Chrome themes is that not all themes are perfect for every screen resolutions. If you install a theme that is optimized for the screen resolution 1024*768 you will obviously have some problems when you install it, it will look like it’s cut off:

Chrome themes: screen resolution

As you can see, that’s not very pretty. Also if the background is really dominant you will not be able to use the “Most visited” dashboard properly, because you can barely read the names of the sites or apps.

Published: Friday, December 10th, 2010 Last Modified: December 10, 2010

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