How To Install 3rd Party Windows 7 Themes

Are you interested in installing new 3rd-party Windows 7 Themes? Here’s a great tutorial that will help you to install all themes that come from a 3rd-party (other than Microsoft themes)

Install 3rdparty Windows 7 Themes

In order to install 3rd-party themes you first need to patch your Windows 7 system files. Because this involves modifying critical system files of Windows 7 I recommend that beginners take good care and create multiple backup files. If you have only access to one computer, I also recommend that you first learn how to restore the original files without the explorer.

1. Explorer Won’t Start: Learn How To Restore Original Windows 7 System Files Without It

This is only a short version of all steps involved, so please do your research.

This will only work if you have backuped your explorer.exe before as recommended above

1. Step Open task manager
2. Step Click on File, new task
3. Step Enter runas /u:Administrator cmd.exe
4. Step Enter your administrator password
5. Step “CD” to C:\Windows
6. Step Enter “rename explorer.exe explorer.broken.exe
7. Step Enter “rename explorer.bak.exe explorer.exe”

Need more instructions? Post comment below for clarification

3rd-party Windows 7 Themes Require UXTheme Patcher

In order to install 3rd-party themes we are now going to patch some system files

1. Step Download UxTheme Patcher Windows 7 SP1 (works without SP too)

2. Step Start the UXTheme Patcher

3. StepMake sure you have a backup of the files themeservice.dll, themeui.dll and uxtheme.dll.

4. Step Patch your files

Patch Windows 7 For Installing 3rd party Themes

Copy 3rd-Party Windows 7 Themes To Themes Folder

1. Step Open up C:\Windows\Resources\Themes within the explorer

2. Step Open up another explorer windows and go to your newly downloaded 3rd-party Windows 7 theme e.g. D:\5 Downloads\Clearscreen_Sharp_for_Windows7_by_K_Johnson\clsSharp_Win7_v3.2

3. Step Copy the folder clsSharp and the file clsSharp.theme and paste it into the other open folder C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

4. StepProvide admin rights to copy the 3rd-party themes into the folder

5. Step The 3rd-party theme should now be in the folder like this:

3rd party themes in Windows 7 Resource folder

Final Step: Choose 3rd-party Theme From Windows 7’s Personalization Control Panel

1. Step Right-click on your desktop and scroll down until you see a list of “Installed Themes”. Clearscreen Sharp should be one of the installed 3rd-party themes:

Installed 3rd-party themes

2. Step Click on the installed theme and you’re done

You have now successfully installed a 3rd-party theme.

Still need help? Maybe this can help: Install Windows 7 Themes

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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