How To Get Your Google Back On Windows 8

Get Google Back Thumb Microsoft has made sure that everything in Windows 8 defaults to its own services, but if you want to make Google your default search engine read through this article “Get Your Google Back”

Google Puts Up Website About Getting Google Back On Windows 8

Windows 8 has just launched and Google has decided to mark the occasion by teaching users how to reinstate Google as the rightful default search engine on their systems. The search giant has put up an entire website that teaches you in two minutes how get Google back on to their systems.

It’s a simple two step app that involves downloading the new Google app for Windows 8 that was just launched. It’s specifically designed for the new Windows 8 UI that is completely based on various tiles that have the capability of automatically updating themselves without running an entire app in the background. The app has also been enriched with various touch based inputs including all relevant and useful gestures to make it completely Windows 8 compatible. Anyone who has used a modern smartphone will be right at home with the new Windows 8 touch gestures.

Google has also said the app will also feature the popular Google Doodles that the search engine does to commemorate dates of interests such as famous birthdays and others. The app will automatically display the current relevant doodle (they also vary regionally) and the tile will also update to show the doodle.

The second step is another download — a new version of Chrome designed specifically to be used in Windows 8. The changes here include larger buttons for touch input and operation and opening Chrome in a special multitasking mode newly introduced in Windows 8 where two apps can share screenspace side by side. And of course, the website also explains how to setup Chrome as the default browser in Windows 8. Chrome for Windows 8 is not finished of course but then it is usable for basic surfing.

Here’s the link to the website —

Published: Sunday, October 28th, 2012 Last Modified: October 28, 2012

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