How to Get Banned From Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus

The next generation of consoles are here and they allow you to more things than ever both offline and online – and if you want to stay online don’t break some of the following rules!

Sony and Microsoft to Ban Users

A big part of gaming and the next generation will be online. It was only beginning to take off when the last generation was launched but now we have spent years using both Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus.

The new generation of consoles – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – allow users to do more things than ever online.

Microsoft To Use Banhammer

However , there are some things that gamers must be wary of if they do not want their accounts banned forever!

Rule No 1 – Do Not Strip Off in Front of Your Xbox or PlayStation

It might seem as obvious as anything but if you do not want to get banned from Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus – do not strip off in front your consoles camera.I repeat – do not strip off in front of your consoles camera.

Sony Ban Gamers PlayStation Plus

Twitch – which is Sony’s live streaming partner for their PlayStation 4 have already been busy banning users for streaming inappropriate content.

Other banning’s have been handed out to those looking to auctions of their items and those brandishing guns in front of their consoles camera.

Twitch aren’t taken this sort of behaviour lightly. In a statement they said. ..

“We are very vigilant about removing content that breaks the TOS guidelines and depending on the severity of the violation we will either ban or suspend accounts. In addition to our own efforts, the Twitch community is unique in that it likes to flag content they suspect or know is a breach of our TOS. Like any social network from YouTube to Facebook, there will always be a very small minority of users who attempt to circumvent the rules.”

Microsoft Set To Yield Ban Hammer

Microsoft are also set take action against users of the Xbox One. There is no live video streaming on the console at the moment but some gamers have been banned for releasing “inappropriate” game clips due to the amount of profanity.

Microsoft defended ther policy stating ..

“Excessive profanity and other Code of Conduct violations will be enforced upon. On Xbox One, we have a more sophisticated system of enforcement.As a result, if someone misbehaves on the service, we may only suspend some of their privileges on Xbox Live such as access to certain apps or use of certain features.”

Avoid Next Gen Ban

So there you go. Want to enjoy all the features of your new console? Don’t be stupid and break some the clear rules of the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus.

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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