How to customize the Windows 7 iPad theme?

How to customize Windows 7 themes So, you downloaded the Windows 7 iPad theme from us? Cool, but there’s more to it. You hopefully read the attached readme file! If you want to customize your iPad theme and you are not very tech savvy, then here are some tips how to customize the iPad theme!

Tip: The following tips are for beginners. If you are good at installing themes, you can get some inspiration here what you could do to customize the iPad theme, e.g. combine MAC shell and iPad theme

Modify Windows 7 Shell: MAC shell for Windows 7

If you’re tech savvy, you’re ready to download our MAC theme. If you’re not you should study some of our tutorials. You can combine the iPad theme and the MAC shell to get the ultimate iPad desktop experience.

Apple MAC shell for Windows 7

Change iPad Web Services + Add new shortcuts

The Windows 7 iPad theme includes plenty of new desktop icons. Each desktop icon will lead you to a new service. When I created the theme I added web services that I consider to be very useful, but if you want to change them that’s alright.

1. Step Right-click on the iPad icon that you want to change:

iPad Icon Properties

2. Step Go to the tab Web Document and insert a new URL and shortcut:

Customize iPad theme

You can enter a shortcut for each iPad icon and then quickly launch your favorite web services. Handy!

Change iPad application

The default iPad theme apps are: Mozilla Browser, Thunderbird Mail Client and iTunes. If you want to change the applications, simply right-click on the desktop icon and click on Properties, then change the path to .exe file:

Change iPad Applications .exe

Optionally, if that is too difficult and you can’t locate the .exe file, you can simply copy the desktop shortcut (assuming that you have at least that) and change the icon. How to change the icon of a desktop shortcut is explained below:

Add new iPad Web Services & Applications

If you want to add new iPad services and applications you can use the icons that you will find in the zip file

Add new web services:

  • 1. Copy of one of the existing iPad web service shortcuts, e.g. mail, notes, clock etc.
  • 2. Right-click on the new copy and click on Properties.
  • 3. Go to the tab Web Document and click on the button Change Icon
  • 4. Locate the .ico files that are included in the zip file
  • 5. Go to the tab Web Document again and enter a new URL

Add new applications

  • 1. Create a desktop shortcut of the application that you want to style for your iPad theme
  • 2. Right-click on the icon and click on Properties
  • 3. Click on “Change icon” and browse for the location of the iPad icons that are included in the zip file

Try different Windows 7 Docks

I recommend to use the XWindows Dock for the iPad theme. Although it does not have that many skins (online) it’s working very well for me.

You can review two more Windows 7 docks here: Windows 7 MAC Docks

Published: Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 Last Modified: May 12, 2010

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