How to copy NCSoft games to another computer without downloading again

NCSoft has a new game launcher, here’s how you can copy games to another PC without downloading them over and over again.

how to copy ncsoft games to another computer without downloading

NCSoft publishes games such as Lineage 2, Guild Wars, City of Heroes (COH), Aion. All of the games are rather large – the final game client fully extracted is usually over 20GB large. Ever download 20GB via the NCSoft Launcher, old or new? Yes, it’s extremely slow. The faster method is to simply download the game client from a popular fast reliable file provider e.g. Fileplanet and then copy them to your computers.

The problem? The new NCSoftLauncher makes it a little complicated when you copy games to another computer.

1. Step Open NCSoft Launcher
2. Step Right-click on the game that you copied to your “new” computer:

NCSoft Game Properties

3. Step Click on Properties. In this case, I selected Guild Wars. Click on the Browse… button and locate the BIN file of the game, e.g. L2.bin for Lineage 2. Other NCSoft games require other files e.g. Guild Wars requires Gw.exe

For the L2.bin go to C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Lineage II\system and select L2.bin
For the Guild Wars file, locate Gw.exe
For City of Heroes, locate CityofHeroes.exe
For Aion, locate aion.bin (probably in system folder)

find game bin and exe files

4. Step Click OK after locating the exe or bin file
5. Step You have to confirm the UAC prompt and confirm some dialogs
6. Step Finally, right-click on the game again and run a consistency check to make sure you have all files:

ncsoft repair consistency check

7. Step You should now be good to go – after successfully copying the games to another computer (without downloading), locating the game bin file and running a game repair, you can now enjoy your NCSoft games.

Happy hunting!

Published: Friday, December 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: December 23, 2011

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