How Secure Are Your Game Accounts? Konami Latest Target Of Hackers

In a worrying trend Konami are the latest company to announce that their users information has been hacked.

Hackers strike again as Konami accounts accessed

Gaming companies have for quite a while now being asking their customers to sign up for for accounts to access online gameplay along with other features.

This is mainly due to increasing brand loyalty along with making in game and future transactions easier for the gamer – meaning more revenue per customer for the publisher.


However with more and more accounts being set up the potential for cyber attacks that aim to access all the information is increased and Konami are just the latest in a line of publishers to fall victim to hackers.

Konami urge users to reset passwords following breach

An official statement from Konami outlined the nature of the attack.

“It has come to light that 35,252 cases of unauthorized logins to the KONAMI ID Portal Site have occurred using, IDs and passwords that appear to have been leaked from an external service provider. Currently, Konami has taken measures to ensure that logins cannot be performed using IDs and passwords involved in these unauthorized logins, and as we contact affected customers individually we request that customers changer their passwords.”

It concludes with an apology before outlining the exact timeline of events.

More security needed as cloud gaming to become industry standard

As online accounts,cloud gaming and online multiplayer gaming itself continue to grow and become mainstream more and more gaming publishers will require accounts to be set up.

It is therefore imperative that security measures are tightened and also that gamers themselves take responsibility for regular changing of their login information to avoid being hacked.

The PlayStation Plus hack of a few years ago sparked meltdown but other companies such Eidos, Codemasters, EPIC Games, Bethesda and most recently Ubisoft have also fallen into the hands of cyber hackers.

Published: Monday, July 15th, 2013 Last Modified: July 15, 2013

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