How RIM’s New BBX OS For BlackBerry Will Compare To Windows 8

RIM has released some basic information about the company’s upcoming BBX OS for its Blackberry devices and in this article we take a look at how it will compare to Windows 8 based on what we know so far.

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BBX OS From RIM To Run On Both Phones And Tablets, Like Windows 8

In this aspect, BBX is similar to Windows 8. They will both run on phones and tablets. This means that the user experience will remain standard across both device types. RIM is looking for a better competitive edge against already the established platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android. So it is understandable that it will have some of the common mobile OS features that Windows 8 will also bring to the table; for example — complex multi-touch gesture support, better multitasking and a rich web experience.

BBX will also support HTML5 applications, just like the Metro apps on Windows 8.

However, RIM deviates from the Windows 8 Approach In quite a few ways.

BBX Will Support Adobe Air/Flash, Windows 8 Metro Will Be Strictly No-Flash

After all the debate and deliberations about the absence of Flash on Windows 8, it is clear that Windows 8 phones and tablets will definitely not support flash. RIM’s BBX on the other hand looks to support both Air and Flash, risking a drain on battery life and overall system performance.

RIM is also being extremely tight-lipped about the features of the upcoming OS. At the BlackBerry DevCon conference yesterday, RIM only talked about the tools that they are releasing for developers.

Judging by the releases, BlackBerry users can expect to have a lot of HTML5 based WebWorks apps in conjuction with Flash on the upcoming BBX. However, Windows 8 is likely to beat BBX in terms of developer interest thanks to Microsoft’s constant communications and efforts at transparency. This means there will be better apps and more apps on the Windows 8 market by the time BBX comes up.

Published: Friday, October 21st, 2011 Last Modified: October 21, 2011

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