How Metro Makes Windows 8 More Power Efficient

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The Metro UI and app platform will bring a new level of power efficiency to Windows with Windows 8.

Windows 8 Metro Designed To Be A Power Sipper

One of the big reasons behind Windows 8’s touted power efficiency stems from the design that went behind the making of the Metro UI and platform. It is an out and out mobile app system that closely follows all the modern advances that have been made in smartphones to make the apps take up less of everything — space, memory and power.

As we already know, Metro apps can wither be running up front or performing some definite task in the background without running or completely suspended when not in use. The best part is in the second state because it enables the live tiles to function.

How do you make a twitter tile update itself without the app demanding its full share of resources? Make the platform in a way that allows apps to be ‘comatose’ in a way. So even though the app is apparently not running, it has some vita function that is still running and is attached to it. That way, you only spare resources for a single script that runs in the background and not the entire app. The rest of the app is suspended.

Not only does this make tablets more power efficient but it also allows machines with average specs perform like never before. On top of that, Metro hardly demands any graphics power that Vista and even Windows 7 was so much about. This is clearly the move of the future, a clean and minimalist design that look great because of how well it works.

Another benefit of the intelligently implemented background service is that even in a powered down sleep-like state, the device can still stay connected and updated without draining the battery life. Ultimately, it is approaching the best of both worlds — you save battery life on stand by but don’t have wait for the device to update itself once it has be reawakened. Just remember this — Windows 8 is designed to hardly ever need full shutting down. Such a pleasant thought!

Published: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 Last Modified: February 29, 2012

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