Hottest Windows Phone Apps Light Up Microsoft Pages

The Windows Phones are becoming popular around the world, and the latest Windows 8.1 operating system is causing people to make the change over to Windows Phone. On Monday, Microsoft took time to highlight five of the hottest Windows Phone apps, which many don’t know about.

By highlighting these Windows Phone apps, Microsoft is showing Android and iOS users that the Windows Phone world offers them great apps as well. These highlighted apps are simply stunning on the Windows Phone platform, and are available now on the Windows Phone Store to download.

Microsoft Highlights Swarm As Hot Windows Phone 8.1 Pick

Swarm and Songbox

The first one up from Microsoft is Swarm. Swarm is the latest app from FourSquare, and is the hottest social media check-in service around. It shows users where their friends are hanging out, and gives them stunning visuals. It’s available for Windows Phone 8.1 only for now, but is a beautiful social check-in app for those social folks.

Songbox is the next one profiled by Microsoft on Monday. This singing game for social media fans allows users to record them singing their favorite song, and allows their friends to rate their song. Yeah, its like a social karaoke, but its fun, and very addicting. You can be the next Beyonce on your Windows Phone with it.

Microsoft Highlights AccuWeather As Hot Windows Phone Pick

GT Racing 2 Plus More

The main game that Microsoft highlighted in its rundown of Windows Phone apps is GT Racing 2. This highly addicting and graphically stunning game is one of the most beautiful car racing games ever made. It combines realistic cars, modes, and challenges for any fan. On a Windows Phone is just flies off the screen, and will keep you playing for hours.

AccuWeather is the next one up, and this app just got a brand new look. It gives users weather from anywhere, offers notifications for severe weather, and much more. The final app in the countdown is OneDrive, and this Microsoft app is a must have. You can save, open, and edit files from anywhere, and its absolutely free. Store them online and access them via mobile on your Windows Phone.

Either way, these apps are great on a Windows Phone. On a Summer Monday, Microsoft is showing users that Windows Phones are hot, and great with apps.

Published: Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 Last Modified: August 26, 2014

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