Hot Red Stripe Deals Highlight Windows Store Deals

Anyone who follows Microsoft and Windows, knows that Windows has made a lot of efforts to make the Windows Store and Windows Phone storefronts popular. The latest deals from Microsoft highlight photo apps, fun games, and variety of apps available at great discounts.

With its Red Stripe Deals, Microsoft is highlighting apps and games at up to 50 percent off, and showing the power of Windows. These six different selections are available at a great deal, and are available on both platforms for Microsoft users, which should satify both.

Microsoft Showcases WeatherFlow As Main Red Stripe Deal

WeatherFlow, SuperPhoto, and Sesame Street

With WeatherFlow, this is one of Windows most exciting and useful weather applications for users to purchase. It has over 80,000 locations around the world built in, and users can add many more. Live tiles can be added to the start screen, and a phone version is also available, plus it now only $0.99.

SuperPhoto is the ad-free version of the app, and has over 1300 filters for users, plus are able to add fun effects to Facebook photos. This is a highly reviewed app, and has a ton of user support as well. The Sesame Street app is great for children, and has all the favorite characters and is based on the Xbox version of the app. It is fun for all children to use.

Microsoft Points Users To SuperPhoto For Best Photo Editing Deal For Sale

Fun Games To Get Too

With the great deals, plenty of games are available on the Windows Store, including Dark Arcana: The Carinal in its full version and others. This adventure game is highly detailed and one of Windows highlighted games for users. It’s an alternative universe kind of game, and has a lot of bells and whistles included.

Crazy Machines Golden Gears is also available, and is a highly puzzling game full of community and fun effects. Lastly, Discovery+ is the last app available and lets users create their own universes with blocks, castles, monuments and tunnels. It’s a fun app and is one of the most creative apps for users to enjoy on Windows.

All of these apps are available for Windows users. Microsoft holds sales weekly, and are well worth checking out.

Published: Monday, May 12th, 2014 Last Modified: May 12, 2014

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