Holograms App Launches From Microsoft On Windows 10

The world of mixed and augmented reality is approaching on the personal PC platform, and Microsoft is eager to show it off to many with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update. They have released a hologram app on Windows 10 to show it off.

The new Holograms app on Windows 10 was originally available to just Windows Insiders, but it has now been launched for all. You can place holograms in the Mixed Reality Portal, and play around with them as you want.

Microsoft Debuts Holograms App On Windows 10

Holograms App Features

With the Microsoft Holograms app, you can select holograms from existing galleries, and those include characters, animals, and even funky furniture. You can then place them, move them, resize them, and rotate those holograms in your own space.

It includes a holographic label maker that let you add text in your space. Additionally, voice commands have been built into the app, and you can manipulate holograms with just your voice. Lastly, by hitting play, the holograms move around and make noises.

New Holograms App Amazes Reality On Windows 10

Still A Work In Progress

In trying out the Microsoft Holograms app, its definitely still a work in progress, but the ability to move around and have fun with holograms is certainly interesting. It still has a few rough edges, and the app isn’t quite 100 percent ready for all to use.

It’s certainly an app built for a specific niche, and for those wanting holograms and more on their PC’s. It is the next generation of computing from Microsoft, and the Creators Update shows that off as well. The Holograms app is free, so you can play around and see it its for you.

You can try the Microsoft Holograms app on the Windows Store now. Let us know if you like it, or like reality more.


Published: Friday, April 7th, 2017 Last Modified: April 7, 2017

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