Holiday Hits Of The Holiday Include Xbox One And Skype

As the holiday season flows throughout the world on Wednesday, the highlights of the Christmas season are with Microsoft. With the Xbox One and Skype, Microsoft is clearly at the center of consumers attention as kids and adults connect with their consoles and with others this holiday season.

Between the two products, while they are separate, they do interact with each other in amazing ways that no one has ever seen before. The holiday season will brings lots of people to the Xbox Live ecosystem and with that introduce them to Skype to communicate with families and loved ones.

Microsoft Needs To Make Xbox One A Hit This Holiday Season

The Xbox And Skype Connection

With the Xbox One, consumers are getting the next generation console unit to play games and enjoy entertainment on. Gamers and movie buffs can enjoy their games and movies in HD, get multiple ways to enjoy them, and show off their content in amazingly new ways. It will sell in the millions, and is a platform to what gaming will be for many.

The Xbox One has the Skype functionality built within it, and get people who have never used Skype to start using it. From talking with fellow gamers, talking with friends and family via the webcam, and by communicating, Skype will see a tremendous growth this holiday season. Of course, that only helps out Microsoft in many ways.

Skype Plus Xbox One Means Microsoft Wins This Holiday Season

Microsoft Building For Future

With the Xbox One and Skype functionality that works so well, Microsoft will need to bundle more of its technology to work with these consoles. Already, Microsoft has shown that the Kinect when used with the Xbox One works wonders. Consumers love it, and the ability to say “Xbox On” works so well.

But, Microsoft will need to get those who bought Xbox One units this holiday season to use them all the time. Microsoft is building exclusive content via partners, getting exclusive games built for the Xbox One, and getting Xbox Live Gold members to pay $60 per year for its ecosystem of apps and entertainment. The Xbox One has only been out less than two months, but this holiday season is key for its growth.

I use Skype and the Xbox One and enjoy it. Many people have gotten the Xbox One this holiday season, and I love the future of it and Skype.

Published: Thursday, December 26th, 2013 Last Modified: December 26, 2013

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