Hitman 6 Announced, Possible Release Date 2013 + Multiplayer

Ok, Hitman 5 Absolution is not even out (download our Windows 7 wallpaper theme), but Square Enix has a lot of faith in the game and announced Hitman 6.

Hitman 6 Announced Release Date

A new studio by Square Enix in Montreal will be working on the game – Hitman 6 – but no further details have been announced yet.

If everything goes as expected, Hitman 5 will be released in 2012 and Hitman 6 as soon as late 2013. This could mean they want to build up an annual franchise like the immensely popular Call of Duty series.

We’ll keep you posted on Hitman 6 and let you know when they announce more details regarding gameplay and a possible multiplayer mode. Hitman 5 will definitely have a multiplayer mode, so we’re expecting that Hitman 6 will also have one.

Published: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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